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    The 5-Second Rule

    The 5-Second Rule It’s easy for business owners to think about results instead of the process. Success is built on many small decisions made and acted upon over and over again. Many of those decisions need to be made within five seconds. If the decision is not made within that short timeframe, your brain will kill the thought. This lack of action if repeated will become habitual and cause you to not act when you should. For example, let’s say you see someone in public that maybe you met once very briefly. You don’t know them well at all despite the brief earlier meeting. You really should take the initiative…

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    Social Media Resume — do you have one?

    Social Media Resume — do you have one? Do you still have a copy of your resume? If so, you probably can recall not only the initial crafting of the resume, but the subsequent revisions you made over the following years. You certainly wanted to make sure that potential employers clearly saw that you brought more to the table than what you had to offer as a fresh-out-of-school graduate with no professional work experience. But now that you have decided to pursue your dreams by becoming a true-blue entrepreneur and market yourself using social media, you don’t need a resume anymore, right? Well, sort of. The fact is is that…

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    Protect your home based business starting today

    Protect Your Home Based Business Starting Today Have you thought about what you need to know in order to protect your home based business? Although it may sound odd, there are some things you need to consider if you plan to become successful in this industry. In 2015, a well-known MLM company fell under FTC scrutiny for allegedly operating as a pyramid scheme. Although the company is still in business, it is currently operating under an injunction which restricts certain marketing activity and compensation methods. A monitor has been appointed by the court to assure compliance with these restrictions. In short, the company is on probation. So let’s say you…

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    Do you know the SECRET to market online?

    Do you know the SECRET to market online? If you’re like me, you detest commercials. Whether I’m listening to a radio program or my favorite TV show, when the commercials come on, the mute button is immediately activated, except for Super Bowl commercials, of course. The same thing happens with your prospective customers when you pitch and spam your services and/or products on social media, which includes your personal Facebook timeline or fan page. If you’re having difficulty getting the online leads you need to stay in business, you might want to consider branding yourself instead. Get others to know, like, and trust you first. After the relationship has been…

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    What does WWSGD mean?

    I use to think that blogging involved simply writing about a particular topic and then posting what I had written. What I’ve discovered since then is that a good blog contains many moving parts, including components called plug-ins. A plug-in is a software component that adds a specific feature to an existing computer program. When a program supports plug-ins, it enables customization.   That brings us to the meaning of WWSGD. What Would Seth Godin Do is a specific plug-in that was created based on a Seth Godin quote from August 2006 in which he said, “One opportunity that’s underused is the idea of using cookies to treat returning visitors…

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    Were you told to make a list of 100 friends and family members?

    If you are a sole proprietor business, whether you are offering a product or service, current business practice encourages strongly the need to develop a niche market and the more targeted the niche the better. As a humorous, hypothetical example, let’s say you want to work with aliens, but only aliens who hale from the planet Mars.  But not all aliens from the planet Mars.  You only want to work with Chinese-speaking aliens from Mars.  But not all Chinese-speaking aliens from Mars.  You only want to work with those particular aliens under the age of 40 because, well, they’re really tech-savvy like you are. We could narrow the target even…

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    What is Your Unique Offering?

    Many of the really successful businesses do this.  They create a unique product or service which, of course, you can only purchase through them.  It’s what we call a proprietary product or service.  If you continue to return to that vendor to buy their unique offering, guess what?  You’ll end up buying other products from them as well that are not necessarily unique. Loyalty is cultivated and repeated purchases are made.  Trader Joe’s and Starbucks are two examples of companies that have mastered this business practice.   What is YOUR unique product or service in your business?  If you are in network marketing, it could be a product that your…

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    Three Reasons Why It’s Vital to Brand Yourself

    Why is it Vital to Brand Yourself? Let me start out by admitting freely that my wife and I marketed the wrong way for years in our home-based business.  Now just to be clear, I’m not talking about offline meetings to promote our company’s business opportunity and products. That’s what offline meetings are designed to do.  What I’m talking about is how we marketed online.   The Sacrificial Scapegoat But I want to offer a scapegoat.  It really wasn’t our fault nor is it yours if you’re doing it the same way. MLM companies want you to promote their company and its products because it’s free advertising.  They do a fantastic…

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    The 4 Biggest Mistakes Made When Prospecting

    Effective dieting isn’t always so much what you eat but what you avoid eating.  The same may be said about prospecting well — it isn’t so much about doing certain right things as much as sidestepping these four pitfalls: No Rapport > if you don’t build a rapport with your prospect first, you will not earn his or her business.  It’s as simple as that.  Only once the prospect comes to know, like, and trust you will they buy from you online. Over Enthusiasm > is the kind way of saying “throwing-up on people”.  Many who are marketing online are doing this by bloviating about their company and their company’s…

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    Are you relying … on your MLM and/or downline to drive your business?

    One of the biggest misconceptions new distributors make and probably the primary reason for their failure in the home-based business industry is the notion that this is an easy business.  Nothing could be more untrue.  While this business is simple in concept, it is like any other business in terms of the hard work alone that is required. Here are two main downfalls for home-based business owners: They rely on their primary company’s branding, new product launches, and periodic incentives to drive their business results.  Instead, you should be branding YOU and doing the hard work of generating leads, establishing rapport with your prospects, and then eventually bringing them into…

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