About Us

“Work from home” is a phrase becoming more commonly used and even desired.

We chose it deliberately.


It was simple.

We wanted our freedom.

Now that may mean different things to different people.

For us, it meant creating the life we wanted.

It also meant, particularly, not having to answer to a boss.

Which meant we could live wherever we wanted.

So we sold our house in Phoenix in April 2017, loaded-up the UHaul, and headed to the beach.

We moved to beautiful San Diego…then we wanted even more freedom, so we bought an RV and we are now touring North America.

More About Us

While EveElise is an Arizona native, David grew up in San Diego.

We both love the beach, our home, and the community.

We have four children: one is married and earned her BA from Arizona State University in December 2016; our two boys and youngest daughter are homeschooled.

Traveling is our favorite pastime, and we visited Portugal for two weeks for our honeymoon.

David was teaching high school English, and EveElise was teaching elementary school and Special Ed respectively when we met.

After we were married, David became a CFP® professional >>>>(CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™).

EveElise wanted to stay home with our young children, but with events following the stock market crash in 2008, she needed to go back to work.

We had a Network Marketing business and were making some money, but it wasn’t growing as fast as we needed it.

We knew it was possible, but we didn’t know how to make that happen.

David wanted to become more active in the business, because as a CFP® professional, he believed it was the best way to create the lifestyle and retirement we desired.

And we certainly did not want to be included with the 97% of marketers who quit/fail.

We Work from Home using Attraction Marketing

David searched one night and found a better way which meant branding and marketing ourselves, not our MLM.

We call it attraction marketing.

It allows us to brand ourselves and market like a pro, helping us to become the leaders we needed to be quickly.

When the time was right, we committed ourselves to the process and have never looked back.

This strategy is giving us all the skill sets and tools to create a residual income so that we can live the life we have always wanted.

The journey excites us continually, and we love helping others develop and master the skills they need to be successful.

To work with us directly, or simply learn more about what we found, feel free to reach out to us.