• Life On The Road

    How To Transition to RV Living: Life On The Road

      How to transition to RV living is in response to one of our viewers who is interested in making the same decision we did. It definitely begins with an idea then a decision which will more than likely have been triggered by some event like a shorter trip you had taken in the past. Or perhaps you read about someone else’s experience. When you decide, you’ll want to set a target date for the transition to occur. From the time we made our decision to the time we moved out of our home was only six weeks. In fact, at the time we’re writing this, we’re in our sixth…

  • where to get clean water while boondocking
    Life On The Road

    Where to Get Clean Water While Boondocking

    One of the questions we had when we started this journey of living full time in our RV was where to get clean water while boondocking. There’s nothing like experience, and it’s a fast teacher. If nothing else, our first month on the road reinforced the importance of storing fresh, clean water on our rig. In fact, your RV water supply is the single biggest need, particularly when you want to boon dock which we want to do as much as we possibly can. Where can I find free water to fill my fresh water tank? One of the perks of living full time in your RV, assuming you’ve eliminated…