Life On The Road

We’re Taking Our Bikes

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One of the many decisions we had to make when transitioning to full-time RV living was whether or not we would pull one of our vehicles, once we decided not to do so, it became an easy decision to take our bikes.

That way, we would still have some mobility without needing to constantly rely on the RV.

Unfortunately, as we got closer to our move-out date, we hadn’t even begun to research which bike rack to buy let alone how to install it.

Fortunately, one of our many kind neighbors happened to sell auto accessory products, including bike racks.

(He even gave us this useful item as a gift for our RV.)

So he offered to order one and install it for us. How cool was that?

As soon as it was installed, we began to load our bikes, but only got as far as mine. My bike, as you can see here,

has a top tube running from the seat tube to the base of the handle bars. Our particular bike rack is built specifically for a bike with this top tube.

On the other hand, our other four bicycles, including EveElise’s pictured here,

cannot go onto this type of back rack because it is missing that top tube.

If that is your situation, you’ll need this bar adapter to make it work:

In our case, because we have four bikes without top tubes, we needed to purchase four bar adapters.

The bar adapter itself is loosely attached to the seat tube (the tube that is attached to your seat) and the base of the handle bars.

The bar adapter now functions as a top bar on which your bicycle can now be placed onto your bike rack.


Now, the only thing left to do is cover our bikes before it rains!