The Odd Formula That Made Him Millions

The Odd Formula That Made Him Millions

He didn’t just stumble into millions.

Instead, he worked hard and failed hard.

But he was always learning something new.

You might say that he was “failing forward”.

Along the way, he discovered an “odd” formula … and once he had whittled it down to those things which were working, the

things which made him the most money, the entire process became clear to him.

Fortunately, he didn’t keep this formula to himself.

By his own admission, that would have been blatantly selfish.

Instead, he taught others about this formula, including ourselves.

(Kind of like paying it forward.)

This is what he himself said recently in his blog post:

“Through years of trial and error we discovered what did and did not work. But now we have found success, we’ve eliminated the formulas that do not work, refined the process, simplified the tools, and we are ready to share them with you.  


Because success alone is lonely. It’s our desire to come alongside others and help them to succeed in the same way we have. It’s our desire to see others living up to their fullest potential. There is plenty of wealth and success to go around, and we want you to live your dreams.

It’s not enough to find success and hold on to it. I want everyone who’s willing to put in a little time and effort to be able to live his or her best life now. I want you to experience the same success I have found, and I want you to get paid while you learn. If you are seeking financial freedom then we want to help you get started immediately.” 

Yes, you can begin to live out your own success beginning today.


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