Feed Your Mind and Heart

Do you feed your mind and heart?

An ancient Hebrew proverb says, “An intelligent heart (mind) acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.”

When we look around us, we observe how important it is to feed ourselves healthy and nutritious foods to sustain us, even if we don’t always do it.

Typically, we eat maybe three times a day (five or six if we are eating optimally).

Yet our mental “diet” is constantly snacking, isn’t it?

We are confronted with “inputs” like our Facebook News Feed, unceasingly, all day long.

Imagine the vacuum that would exist if we stopped snacking, so to speak. How would we fill it?

What if we were to begin keeping a “food journal” for the mind to see how much useless garbage is really getting in there, and consequently, how much of a cleanse is required.

What about the feeding of our mind and heart?

First of all, why do we speak of the mind and heart together?

The ancients associated the mind and heart with both rational and non-rational activities whereas we tend to separate the two.

For example, in the Hebrew tradition, when a person lacks insight or understanding, it is stated as having a “lack of heart”.

Regardless, we understand how important good nutrition is for our bodies, but we don’t esteem as highly the impact we have on our minds when we make it a priority to feed it with the mentally “nutritious” material, which yes, impacts our heart as well as our soul.

Just like it’s much easier to pop over to your local fast food joint for a quick and easy, yet malnourishing meal; in our age, it’s much more challenging to ward off the temptations of sitting down in front of a screen where “the medium is the message”, a phrase coined by the late Marshall McLuhan.

We can’t even patronize most restaurants anymore without some screen tantalizingly drawing our eyes towards its colorful pixels.

In order to feed our brains instead, we must first discipline ourselves away from “hot media” and the passive interactivity that coincides with it.

More and more we’re displaying how serious we are in taking better care of our bodies.

It’s time we do the same for our mind and heart as well, wouldn’t you agree?


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