6 Attributes That Set Them Apart

People can be divided into two groups: the 97 percent and the 3 percent.

The 97 percenters are those who think and do within the confines of a pre-arranged box.

Anything that does not fall within the parameters of the box’ four walls gets rejected outright.

For example, these folks typically (but now always) fulfill menial but necessary jobs in our economy.

(Garbage men come to mind.)

Yes, we need trash collectors, don’t we?

On the flip side …

We have the 3 percenters who operate completely differently.

The 3 percenters typically are visionaries who in many instances create new and innovative products which may even produce paradigm shifts in our culture, like the iPhone.

They are leaders who boldly forge new paths for themselves and, more importantly, for those who have the courage to follow them.

The 3 percenters are truly the ones who win the day in this world, while the remaining population are merely bystanders, watching life and success pass them by time and time again.

A colleague of ours recently shared 6 attributes that best characterize the 3 percent:

  1. They are people of action.
  2. They are decisive.
  3. They are quick to make decisions yet slow to change once they do (this one in particular has been a game changer for us)
  4. They want to make a difference in the world.
  5. They choose to show up and plan a bigger game.
  6. They step-up and do what needs to be done.

Meanwhile, the 97% view success as this elusive game that they simply were not meant to win.

Does that describe you?

Are you jealous of others who have, but at the same time, aren’t willing to do what it takes to have for yourself?

Do you fall into the 97 percent group or the 3 percent?

Don’t be a spectator in your financial future.

Don’t let someone else determine whether you stay in the box or not.

Just one decision can make the difference between ordinary and special.

We encourage you to be bold and decisive.

Don’t waste anymore time living a life you don’t want.

One bold decision can change your life forever.

Join us by submitting your application today so you can see for yourself how it’s possible.

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