How He Overcame Broke Thoughts

This is cool — we received this email from one of the most successful entrepreneurs and marketers that we know and thought we’d share it with you.

This guy made over $450,000 in his first year working from home with his weird T3FP formula that he recently re-introduced to the industry to make automated $1K commissions for his students.

The message is full of insights on how to let go of “broke thoughts” that were keeping him in lack and poverty consciousness, and how he transitioned to being one of the top income earners in the entire industry …

(although he’s not an attention-seeker so you’ve probably never heard of him.)

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———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Jeff Lerner
Date: November 27, 2017 at 6:12 AM
Subject: THIS just blew me away… #TRUESTORY    [I’ll never forget this]

I’ll never forget this.

It’s my own true story.

And the results I got – literally
blew me away.

You see…

When I was broke, and had hardly
any money in the bank, let alone
any credit on my credit cards…

… one of the things that I didn’t
understand at that time, was the
power of “letting go”.

You see, I was holding on so
tightly to the little that I had, that
not only was my hand closed,
but my mind was too.

And when opportunities like this
appeared, I missed out because
I thought I couldn’t afford it.

The truth was, (and still is to this
day), that if you are broke – if you
are busted – and if you are disgusted,
with your income, with your situation,
and your life…

… then you need to learn to “let go”.

Let go of your broke thoughts.

Let go of your lack, and poverty

Let go of thinking that you are
smarter than everyone else.

Because there are more broke
 in this World today, than
ever before – and if you are reading
this – well then you probably don’t
want to be one of them.

A broke genius is someone who thinks
they “know it all”, and are “so smart”,
but have hardly anything to show for

Know anyone like that?

If you feel like I’m speaking to you,
then there’s a pretty good chance
that I am.

You hear me?


Now listen up.

You cannot receive, when your
hand is so tightly closed in a fist,
holding on to every last cent you

You must open up your hand
–  you must open up your mind
– and you must open up your heart
– in order to receive the goodness
that’s all around and available to

Because there is ALL of that,
and more.

But if you aren’t open to it, well
then none of it matters.

Look, about 9 years ago, I stumbled
onto this very weird, and unique

I was broker than broke at the time,
in over $400K worth of debt.

I was living in my soon to be ex-wife’s
spare bedroom.

I was robbing Peter to pay Paul.

And I was down, depressed, and
in despair.

I seriously didn’t know what to do
or where I was going to make my
next dollar.

Then, late one night, I stumbled onto
a website, just like this and found out
about this formula. 

It’s called “T3FP” and once I actually
listened and paid attention to what the
guy was saying…

… it all made sense.

I immediately took action and made
the decision to submit an application.

Not only did I get an immediate sense
of relief, knowing that I was finally
on the path to complete & total financial

… but I was now also on the path to my

I could see right away that there was
hope, and all I had to do, was plug in,
pay attention, and do the work that they
told me to.

Well, that first year, because I allowed
someone else to teach me what to do –
I paid off all my bills, got completely out
of debt, and changed my life forever.

It all started when I decided to submit an application.

Look, today is Wednesday.

And my Top Business Coaches are
standing by, ready to help you.

They are doing it now for hundreds
of my new students.

But see, we cannot take everybody.

We have to be selective.

So, before my Coaches can show
you exactly how to start depositing
$1,000 Commissions by using my
“Weird 1K Formula”…

… I ask that you first submit an application. 

Just for completing your questionnaire,
I’m going to give you my 7 Day, Laptop
Lifestyle Video Tool Kit.

I think once you understand what
it is – you’ll also realize why it works
so well.

My training has set thousands of people
free, already.

Many have already gone on to pay off
all their bills, get out of debt, reduce a
TON of financial pressure, and restore
a LOT of families.

Go now, and watch my video. I explain

Shut down any distractions, and actually
listen to the gems that I’m going to share
with you.


When it makes sense and you like
what you see, submit an application 
to join my Laptop Lifestyle Team.

I will literally give you my Laptop
Lifestyle 7 Day Video Tool Kit, for
FREE, just for applying.

Watch this asap and let’s get you 
on the right track.

One of my Top Business Coaches
will call you right away.

And yes, I’m looking forward to meeting
you, and helping YOU become one of
my next success stories.

Meet some of my other students here 
and let’s get started, today.

Jeff Lerner
Creator of the Laptop Lifestyle Tool Kit
Learn my Weird “1K Commission” Formula


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