Do You Know Facebook Engagement Rules?

The 3 Facebook Engagement Rules

  1. People want to connect with others
  2. They want to share with others information they may find useful
  3. They want to be entertained

Facebook is a Serious Company

Did you know that Facebook is a 424 billion dollar company?

It has nearly 2 billion active, monthly users which is nearly 1/3 of the global population.

As a result, they have rules of engagement that you need to be aware of, especially if you are in business.

There are two reasons why people do NOT join Facebook

  1. They do not want a solution to a problem.
  2. They are not interested in being sold products or services.

Engage on Facebook like you would at a cocktail party

Chances are there will be folks at the next party you attend whom you do not know.

The last thing you would do is go up to them and immediately pitch them on products you sell or services you provide in your business.

It’s absurd to even consider that someone would do that.

Instead, you’re going to get to know them by engaging in small talk and by asking questions.  In short, you will allow people to reveal who they are.  That’s how you will form the relationship.

These same social rules hold true on Facebook.

Facebook Meets the Six Human Needs

Facebook is clearly the greatest social media tool on the planet, and it is so because it amazingly meets all six human needs:

  1. Facebook provides certainty.  It’s established to the point that it’s very difficult to imagine the world existing without it.
  2. Facebook provides variety.
  3. Facebook makes people feel significant.
  4. Facebook provides connection.  There’s something and someone for everyone which ties in nicely with the need for variety.
  5. Facebook provides a platform for growth.
  6. Facebook provides a platform for contribution.
How to piss-off Facebook!
  1. Only create ads that drive people off of Facebook
  2. Create ads or post content that gets negative feedback
  3. make unrealistic claims/use before and after images
  4. Always be selling!
  5. Spam or post content or create ads that resemble spam

A nice rule of thumb to follow regarding Facebook engagement rules, even if it isn’t specifically forbidden, is to ask yourself whether or not you are contributing overall to the user experience or extracting something from it.

To check out the specific ad policies for Facebook, click here.



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