Start New Friendships on Facebook: 3 Steps to Start New Friendships on Facebook (so easy even an introvert can do it)

You need to start new friendships on Facebook.

Your business depends on finding new friends.

Another way of saying it is that you need to build your audience.

That’s the first step in the success formula.

There’s a simple reason for it.

You can’t engage and sell to an audience that does not exist.

Here are three simple steps to start new friendships on Facebook today:

Step 1: Find those with whom you want to connect

If you’re goal is to use Facebook to do business, look for those who fit your target market.

Another way of stating it is who is your ideal customer?

Then reach out to those that fall into your niche by either following them or adding them as a friend.

Immediately after you’ve done that, if you haven’t done so already, go ahead and “like” some posts and/or “comment” on some posts on their timeline.

The important thing is to be genuine.

Step 2: Message Them

You can then follow-up with a typed message into their chat box complimenting them about one of their posts or indicating some common interests.

If you get a favorable response, it’s always a nice touch to then send either a video or voice message via their chat box.

That way they can see you or hear your voice, preferably both, which will provide them a better feel for who you are (i.e. that you are not a crazy person).

Additionally, as a male, if I am reaching out to someone of the opposite sex, I make it a point to mention my wife in some way.

As an example, if I tell the person how I found them, I’ll state that “my wife and I saw your post …”

This immediately lets the person know that I’m not contacting them for any romantic purposes.

Step 3: What Should You Discuss?

Anything but business (at least in the initial stages)!

You can discuss family life, travel, where you live, sports, or anything else that you have in common that will help facilitate a good connection.

The main idea is that you want to be genuine and show that you truly want to get to know your new Facebook friend.

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