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Afraid to Market Online? 3 Practical Reasons to Market Online

Are you afraid to market online? If you are new to the online marketing world, it’s very likely that you find the required skill-set daunting.  Take a deep breath and relax.  It will be ok. Here are three reasons why YOU should be marketing online.

Reason #1: Efficiency

When EveElise and I began working in our network marketing business, like most others, we began by working solely offline.  Weekly meetings were held at another distributor’s home 30 minutes away.  As you yourself may have experienced, sometimes folks you would invite would not show-up, and you end-up talking to non-prospects.  After you return home, you realize that you just spent three inefficient hours at a meeting that was unproductive for you.

Generally speaking, marketing online is more efficient than offline marketing. That efficiency is created by targeting the audience to whom you want to sell.  In short, you can engage with your target market much more efficiently online because it’s easier to find others with your same interests.

Reason #2: Reach More People

The opportunity of meeting folks from all over the world increases your prospect pool significantly when marketing online.  The current population of the United States is 320 million. The number of people who either speak English as their first or second language is estimated at 1. 5 billion people. By working online, you’ve automatically increased your engagement pool five-fold.  Not bad.

Reason #3: Free Leads

Don’t pay for something unless you have to, right? Unless you want to buy leads, the skillful work you initiate on the greatest social site the world has ever witnessed will bring you plenty of free leads.  Yes, you can buy ads or pay Facebook to boost posts.  But there are plenty of strategies you can learn in order find free leads.

Finally, this is what we have found to be most helpful: choose one or two areas of social media where you would like to spend your time, and focus all your energy and attention there. Only after you have mastered those tools should you move onto other social media outlets.


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