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Three Aspects of a Successful Sale

Do you know the three aspects of a successful sale?

Most of us would say it’s the words we choose.

I agree that words are powerful.

We know how effective choosing the right words can be when forming copy for ads or writing e-mails for our prospect list.

But what about when it comes time to pick-up the phone and call our prospects?

Research shows that  when it comes to speaking with a prospect, the importance of the actual words that escape from our lips diminishes significantly.

The three most important aspects of a successful sale is:

  1. Words = 7% > imagine that!  The actual words you say matter very little when you speak with your prospects, yet it is probably the one thing we concern ourselves with the most.  I’m not opposed to sales scripts, but this low percentage seems to bring their relevancy into question.
  2. Tonality = 38% >  the tone of your voice is the second most important factor.  Is it confident?  Is it calm?  Your tone should be implicitly communicating to the prospect that you “sound like someone who knows what they’re talking about”. At the same time, the prospect is made to feel like they are in complete control regarding whether to buy or not from you.  Additionally, it should be clear from your tone that if they decide to not purchase from you, it will not affect you in the least.
  3. Energy = 55% > over half the effectiveness of a successful sales call is based solely on the energy you display on the call.  If you don’t feel like your energy is up before placing a call, the best thing you can do is move your body.  In short, you need to deliberately rouse yourself.  If you feel groggy before speaking with a prospect, that negative energy will be manifested on the call, and more than likely, you will lose the sale.

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