Resiliency is a most necessary trait of the entrepreneur.

The ability to keep your spirits up when bad stuff happens will make the difference between forging on or throwing in the towel.

One of the greatest historical examples of resiliency is found in the story of Joseph in the book of Genesis.

Here’s what he dealt with beginning at the young age of 17:

All of his older brothers hated him because he was Daddy’s favorite.

They wanted to kill him (literally)!

Instead, they stripped him of his clothes and threw him into an open pit.

Then they sold him to a group of foreigners who were heading to another foreign country, Egypt. (They then lied to their father by telling him that a wild animal had killed Joseph.)

He ends up working for an Egyptian master named Potiphar. Things are going well until Potiphar’s wife tries to sleep with Joseph who refuses her advances. She then turns the tables on him because of the rejection, and in her anger, she accuses Joseph of making the moves on her. Of course, Potiphar gets angry and has Joseph thrown into prison.

In prison, he meets two other guys that worked for the king. Both of these guys had dreams one night. Joseph interpreted those dreams for each of them. Joseph asked the one who had the favorable dream to remember Joseph before the king so he could get released from prison as well. Instead, the guy completely forgot about Joseph, and Joseph ended-up spending another two years in prison.

But one day, the king had his own disturbing dream. And worse, none of his magicians and conjurers could interpret the dream.

That’s when the guy who had had the favorable dream in prison remembered Joseph, and he told the king about Joseph.

When Joseph interpreted the king’s dream (which concerned an impending famine problem for Egypt), he gave the king the solution as well.

As a result, the king not only released Joseph, but elevated him to the highest position in the land, just beneath the king. Joseph was now 30 years of age.

He had endured 13 years of painful results, but his resiliency certainly rewarded him, and it did so for the next 80 years. (He died at age 110.)

If you’re not feeling so resilient in your business, here’s something we use to create some buoyancy.