rewriting our story

Re-writing Our Story: how we went from job dependency to entrepreneurial living

Everyone Loves a Good Story

Have you ever noticed how your attention sharpens when listening to a speaker tell a story?

There’s something about a story that creates interest.

We love to tell them, and we love to hear them.

Did you realize that you have a story too?

And the fantastic thing about your story is that it is unique.

No one has a story exactly like yours and exactly like ours.

Our story is about how we made the transition from job dependency to entrepreneurial living.


How We Went from Job Dependency to Entrepreneurial Living

The story we love to share with others is how we ended-up working from home together.

Both EveElise and I graduated from college as teachers: I was a high school English teacher and she was an Elementary teacher specializing in Special Education.

Initially, my first experience with direct sales came in 1993 within the financial services industry helping teachers save for retirement.

I did that part-time up until the year we were married in 2003.

Later that year, I had decided to pursue my certification as a CFP® professional, and subsequently, worked as a portfolio manager for a small firm managing client assets up until June 2016.

But something had changed for us back in 2007.

EveElise had given birth to our second child in June of that year, and she desired to be a stay-at-home mom.

She decided to join the same company her mom worked with in December 2007  so she could help bring-in some additional income because she wasn’t teaching anymore.

This allowed her to earn some income from home while maintaining needed flexibility with her schedule.

In October 2008, we spent nearly a week in Hawaii because she had earned a trip thru her work in her business.

This early success created for us a desire to want more.

The thing we wanted more than anything was to have the freedom to live where we wanted and go where we wanted, when we wanted.

The Plan

Life has a strange way of making you feel like you’re paralyzed with indecision.

We wanted to live our dream, but unfortunately, we were not certain how we could actualize it.

So we made a simple plan.

Eliminate all debt, including our mortgage.

Finally, we did just that in 2016.

Then we burned the bridge behind us so that we couldn’t turn back.

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