Building Your Business Online

Building Your Business Online in Three Steps

Building Your Business Online in Three Steps



How do you effectively proceed with building your business online? Being an entrepreneur is a wonderful thing. No boss to whom you must answer. (That right there is a reward in itself.)

Perhaps you spend time dreaming about the money you want to earn, the things you want to buy, and the places you want to go.

It’s great to think about these things, but in the end, you’ve got to get results.

So how do you do that?

Well, here are three easy steps you can take daily to build your business using social media:

#1 Build Your Audience

If you’re using Facebook, for example, to connect with people, you can build your audience by following others, making friend requests, or by simply messaging them. ¬†Additionally, you can use your ad budget to boost your posts which will reach more folks in your target market.

Other social media vehicles you can use to grow your audience include your blog, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, and Twitter.

Adding names to your e-mail list and or creating lead magnets are also important ways to build your audience.

#2 Engage Your Audience

As you continue to build your audience, it’s vital that you engage them. ¬†Ways to engage your audience include webinars, Instagram, FB LIVE, YouTube, your blog, Snapchat, FB messenger, Skype, e-mail, phone, and surveys.

#3 Sell Your Audience

Now that you’ve built and engaged, here are the various avenues to sell your offers to that audience:

webinars, sales letter, sales video, phone, and FB messenger

And don’t forget that it’s ok to sell them offline via face-to-face meetings and live events.

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