What is Your Unique Offering?

Many of the really successful businesses do this.  They create a unique product or service which, of course, you can only purchase through them.  It’s what we call a proprietary product or service.  If you continue to return to that vendor to buy their unique offering, guess what?  You’ll end up buying other products from them as well that are not necessarily unique. Loyalty is cultivated and repeated purchases are made.  Trader Joe’s and Starbucks are two examples of companies that have mastered this business practice.


What is YOUR unique product or service in your business?  If you are in network marketing, it could be a product that your primary company created for you to market.  But be careful, once you begin to pitch and spam this unique product all over your timeline and fan page, along with every other distributor marketing for the same company, it no longer becomes a unique offering for YOUR business, right?

So be mindful and be careful not to give the store away.


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