Social Media Resume — do you have one?

Social Media Resume — do you have one?

Do you still have a copy of your resume?

If so, you probably can recall not only the initial crafting of the resume, but the subsequent revisions you made over the following years.

You certainly wanted to make sure that potential employers clearly saw that you brought more to the table than what you had to offer as a fresh-out-of-school graduate with no professional work experience.

But now that you have decided to pursue your dreams by becoming a true-blue entrepreneur and market yourself using social media, you don’t need a resume anymore, right? Well, sort of.

The fact is is that your resume, instead of being condensed to one sheet of paper, is now found on all of your personal social media sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, YouTube, and your blog website.

Social Media Resume — do you have one?

Every time someone jumps onto your Facebook page, for example, they are checking you out to see if you are someone they want to connect with and possibly do business with.

Fully completing your “About” page is super important if you are doing business online.

In short, it’s the way potential customers can see if they want to either hire you or purchase from you.

Also, when you fill-out your information on one social media site, make certain that information is congruent with your information on your other sites.

Make it seamless so that when folks move from one of your social sites to another, they know that they have landed in the right spot.

Another benefit of this is that, just like your tightly crafted paper resume, people can see that you are organized, and organization is vital to running your business.

Remember, when it comes to social media, it’s important you present yourself in a way that makes it easy for people to want to hire you.

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