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Three Reasons Why It’s Vital to Brand Yourself

Why is it Vital to Brand Yourself?

Let me start out by admitting freely that my wife and I marketed the wrong way for years in our home-based business.  Now just to be clear, I’m not talking about offline meetings to promote our company’s business opportunity and products. That’s what offline meetings are designed to do.  What I’m talking about is how we marketed online.


The Sacrificial Scapegoat

But I want to offer a scapegoat.  It really wasn’t our fault nor is it yours if you’re doing it the same way. MLM companies want you to promote their company and its products because it’s free advertising.  They do a fantastic job of getting the distributor to fall in love with them thereby convincing them that the promotion of the company is what will drive the business results of that distributor. This is not to insinuate that MLM companies are engaging in shady business practices. Far from it. They are simply operating in their best interests.

Nonetheless, I want to highlight one problem with a distributor who wrongly brands himself or herself: if you blatantly promote your primary company and its products by pitching them on your Facebook timeline, for example, your prospective customer can then take that information and simply go elsewhere either to work with another distributor or to see if they could purchase the product(s) in the secondary market like Amazon. Why wouldn’t they simply buy it through you, because after all, you are the one advertising the product?  It’s simple.  This is first and foremost a relationship business.  And since you have not taken the time to build rapport and a friendship with the prospective buyer, you cannot expect them to buy from you, no matter how fantastically awesome your company is.

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