Go Natural

But I don’t want to take supplements!

Is it necessary for a person to take supplements?

Answer: No. (but there is the following caveat…)


It’s completely unnecessary for someone to take supplements if he or she does the following:
> drink 6-8 cups of purified water every day
> ingest high quality protein containing all 8 essential amino acids
> eat a minimum of 8-10 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day
> at least 50% of your entire diet is raw food
> eat only certified organic foods all the time
> DO NOT eat any processed, re-fined, pre-packaged, instant foods
> stay away from all sugar containing foods and junk foods
> stay away from all white flour products (pasta, breads, bagels, etc.)
> stay away from all foods and oils containing hydrogenated and/or trans fats
> stay away from fast foods
> DO NOT consume caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, and medications
> have at least two full bowel movements every day
> exercise every day
> DO NOT put any chemicals/toxins into your body
> DO NOT put any chemicals/toxins onto your body
> DO NOT breathe in any chemicals/toxins
> have a healthy family history
> DO NOT suffer from any pre-existing health conditions and you are younger than 40
> live a relaxed, stress-free, positive, and happy life