Go Natural

Do your current dietary choices support your number one priority?

EveElise and I have been on a health and wellness journey ever since we were married in 2003. The conversations started simply enough typically revolving around substituting better quality food products for cheaper, unhealthier ones.  For example, early on in our marriage, we liked to treat ourselves on occasion to a homemade malt.  Instead of buying a box of ice cream and the standard powered, processed malt, we began to make our own ice cream with higher quality organic products and then adding in organic barley malt syrup.  We followed a similar process with pizza and other things we liked to eat.


This path we walked eventually led us into other areas of need when it came to prioritizing our number one priority, our health.  But in order to for us to move forward, we had to adjust some purchasing decisions, especially when it came to the grocery store.

One of the areas where we found we could eliminate a lot of unnecessary purchases was in the beverage department. So without going into details, our guiding question was “what do we really need to drink besides water?” We found that by eliminating many purchases in this area alone saved us money and allowed us to make targeted purchases in other areas that we knew would make us healthier.

Another area of cost-cutting involved home-cleaning products. Have you ever asked yourself if you need all those different cleaning products most of which contain harmful chemicals? We found one cleaning product that cleans everything in our home. Additionally, that one product is super-concentrated. So we only need to put one or two drops into our cleaning bottle and using the water from our own faucet. This means that we only pay pennies for a bottle of this cleaning product. A major savings in our overall budget. And more importantly, it’s no-toxic.

Of course, there are many other budget areas that can be reviewed for cost-cutting purposes. The important thing is that when it comes to taking pro-active steps to becoming healthier, don’t allow cost to become an excuse not to make the changes which you need.