The 4 Biggest Mistakes Made When Prospecting

Effective dieting isn’t always so much what you eat but what you avoid eating.  The same may be said about prospecting well — it isn’t so much about doing certain right things as much as sidestepping these four pitfalls:

  1. No Rapport > if you don’t build a rapport with your prospect first, you will not earn his or her business.  It’s as simple as that.  Only once the prospect comes to know, like, and trust you will they buy from you online.
  2. Over Enthusiasm > is the kind way of saying “throwing-up on people”.  Many who are marketing online are doing this by bloviating about their company and their company’s products.  Let’s face it.  You should be excited about marketing for your company but no one else cares, especially when her or she is already working with another MLM.
  3. Not Asking the Right Questions > we make a fatal prospecting mistake when we attempt to impose our desired outcomes on the conversation.  Instead, ask questions that will allow you to see what the prospects painful issue is, if there is any at all.  No sense in trying to prescribe a solution where there is no perceived problem.
  4. Posture > this is perhaps the most important aspect of good prospecting.  Simply put, posture is when you are seen by the prospect as the authority.  Good questions go a long way towards establishing posture during the sales process.  If the prospect does not view you in that light, it will become quite obvious during the conversation, and more importantly, he or she will be lost to you as a potential client forever.