You’re Either Building Your Dreams or Your Boss’ Dreams?

Chances are you hate your job.  Let’s be clear though.  You may actually love the work, but there are a bunch of other issues that drive you crazy and propel you into dreaming about the day you can tell you’re boss that “he can take this job and shove it!”

I know how you feel. I was there.  So why do we put up with it for so long?  My previous job lasted for 12 years. I put-up with this frustration for years before the end came.  Why?

If we’re honest, it can be summarized in one word, fear, or perhaps the avoidance of pain.  It was easier to stay in a job I hated than answer the onslaught of interrogations from family members and friends.


Nonetheless, I must be honest and say that I really loved my first career position.  What was the difference?  I loved the people I worked with and I loved my boss.  That’s something over which you simply have no control.

So I completely understand someone who loves their job and being OK with building their boss’ dreams.

But to hate your boss and still build his dreams — that just doesn’t make any sense.