What do you say once you’re ready to do video?


They say that a person’s greatest fear is not death, but public speaking.  A close second just might be shooting a video of oneself and posting it in on social media. Yet, because you know that it’s incumbent, you’ve decided to jump in and go for it.

But what will you say? After all, what do you know?  Well, you know more than you think.

Nonetheless, let’s assume you have nothing to say, but you have to say something.  So where do you go for help?

It’s simple.  Part of your day, everyday, is comprised of learning.  It’s virtually impossible to market YOU, Inc. without acquiring some new skill or tool in this business. So when you learn something new, whatever it is, go ahead and take that new information and convey what you learned to others.  It’s that simple.  By doing so, you will find that that new information will provide valuable content to others, who will then look to you as an online marketing authority, but it will also help ensure that you retain that information long-term.


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