Is residual income worth it?

If you are part of the decreasing majority to hold a full-time job today, more than likely, you are still in the unenviable position of living paycheck to paycheck.  I know.  I’ve been there myself, and the knowledge that “at least I have a job” didn’t make it any better.  Quite frankly, I hated it!

So what’s the antidote if you find yourself in that position?

Instead of trading your time for money, you could choose today to begin a creative process in which you may make little or no money initially, but in the end of that process, realize a constant income stream based on that time spent in the creative work of your own choosing.  (When I use the word “creative”, I’m talking here about work that you do, work that you initiate or create.)

Also, instead of helping build your boss’ empire, you can begin to build yours that could very well last you a lifetime.

Doesn’t that sound like a better way to live?




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