Are you relying … on your MLM and/or downline to drive your business?

One of the biggest misconceptions new distributors make and probably the primary reason for their failure in the home-based business industry is the notion that this is an easy business.  Nothing could be more untrue.  While this business is simple in concept, it is like any other business in terms of the hard work alone that is required.

Here are two main downfalls for home-based business owners:

  1. They rely on their primary company’s branding, new product launches, and periodic incentives to drive their business results.  Instead, you should be branding YOU and doing the hard work of generating leads, establishing rapport with your prospects, and then eventually bringing them into YOUR business.
  2. They rely on their downline to buoy their bottom line. While this is theoretically possible, more than likely your downline will be looking to you to set an example of what to do.  Waiting passively for a super star to suddenly appear and lift you to the top is simply an unrealistic approach and relies on hoping and wishing versus hard work and determination.