Facebook Etiquette

Here’s some conventional Facebook posting logic.

A: My personal Facebook page is my home.

B: I can say anything I want in my home.

C: Therefore, I can say anything I want on my Facebook timeline.


While we think this syllogism is faulty because FB is a public forum, not your private home, it is true that you can pretty much say anything you want on Facebook.  (Let’s not worry about possible exceptions for the sake of this blog post.)

But if the purpose of your existence on Facebook is to get to know others and develop a relationship with them, why are you unnecessarily posting about things that will immediately either scare people or otherwise cause them to run away from you.  To be more to the point, does your support for a particular candidate for political office really define who you are?   We happen to think that you are so much more than who you support for office.  Wouldn’t you agree?




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