3 tips for posting on Facebook to attract prospects


For years my wife and I thought that the way to market our business opportunity was by simply posting overt photos of our primary company and our company’s products.  We believe that many in our industry employ this tactic because of the distributor’s emotional tie to the company itself.  If you are doing this, and are not getting the results you expected, then let us share with you three ideas that have completely changed our results, and we believe, will help you as well.  Because let’s be honest, if you are not getting the leads you need to stay profitable in this business, the cause may have to do with the fact that you are unwittingly repelling prospects thru constant pitching of you company and your company’s products instead of attracting them to you.

So how do you attract people to you?  First, you must realize that this is your business.  Your business is YOU!  Your business is NOT your primary company.  You are an independent contractor working your own business.  The fact that your business involves the distribution of your company’s products is immaterial to your marketing efforts.  If you want to move more product, and I realize this may seem counterintuitive, you must market yourself.  Why?  Because as much as YOU may love your company and your company’s products, people will typically only do business with YOU because they know, like, and trust YOU!  In order to move YOU towards that end, one of the simplest things YOU can do today is to change your Facebook posting habits.

Here are three posting tips to attract prospects on Facebook:

  1. Post a lifestyle post as much as once per day.  By doing so, you become more transparent to others by showing them who you are and what your interests are.  Remember, it’s not about attracting everyone to you, it’s only important to attract others that have the same interests or simply like the things you are doing in your life.  These shared interests become a basis or reason for developing a deeper relationship.
  2. Post a results post.  Your prospects need to see results that are occurring in your business.  So even if you are just getting started, and you have no results yet, talk about a new skill you are learning or have learned.  IMPORTANT: Do NOT fabricate results.  Your ultimate goal is to get people to know, like, and trust you.  When you embellish or lie about results you are getting, you are undermining others’ ability to trust you.
  3. Post an engaging question.  People love to respond to these questions.   For example, a recent question that I posed on my timeline was,  “What’s the most beautiful place you have ever been?” Just make sure you ask a question in which you are really interested in knowing the responses of others.  Non-business engagement questions are a great way to increase interaction on your timeline which will help keep the eyes of the FB world on you and your activity more often.