The ABCs of Marketing

What kind of tactics do you implement in your sales activities?  The word “tactic” itself connotes a kind of manipulation.  Are you unwittingly manipulating those to whom you are selling?  Are you of the mindset of “Always Be Closing”?

In Daniel Pink’s 2013 book, To Sell Is Human, Mr. Pink makes the case for updated definitions for ABC.  A now stands for Attunement.  This is the idea of seeing things from the perspective of another.  Instead of sitting across the table from your prospective customer, you’re along side them trying better to understand where they are coming from.

B stands for Buoyancy.  Optimism and resiliency are the key attributes here. Rejection is inevitable.  To the extent you can move beyond these inevitable moments and “say afloat amid that ocean of rejection” is vital in being able to shift someone’s thinking.

Finally, C is for Clarity.  In a world where information abounds, the ability to easily summarize one’s proposition is vital.  Once that is accomplished the focus is directed to being a problem-finder instead of a problem-solver.


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