Achieve Your Business Goals through Massive Effort

Achieve Your Business Goals through Massive Effort

We know the oft-stated statistic: 97% of home-based business owners are unsuccessful.

That’s an even higher fail rate than for a traditional business owner.

So what explains this staggering statistic.

I think for many, the lure of network marketing is the idea that it’s an easy way to make a lot of money.

Nothing could be more erroneous.

This business requires the same drive, determination, persistency, and optimistic thinking that any business person needs no matter what the business structure looks like.

Therefore, it’s vitally important that it be treated as a serious profession.

When I studied to earn my teacher certification after graduating from college, I had to work extremely hard for nine months (one full school year) in order to receive my certification just to put myself into a position to begin making a salary as a teacher.

I had to learn new skills and implement them on the fly.

I had to undergo ongoing evaluations by my master teachers and university professors.

It was hard work.

Even harder because as an apprentice, I didn’t get paid for the work I performed.

Years later, when I decided to become a CFP® professional, I spent one year studying to acquire new knowledge and skills in order to pass a grueling examination in order to achieve that certification.

This was a completely new arena for me because I had studied English and Linguistics in college.

So I had to learn new things, new concepts.

It was easier for the Finance and Economics graduates with whom I studied.

But it was what I wanted more than anything, and I had to learn it if I was going to accomplish my goal.

The home-based business profession is no different.

The first thing to acknowledge is that you must develop your skills: prospecting skills, online skills,  and generally, growing as a person.

Increasing your skills will allow you to lead and place you in a position that allows you to mentor others.

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