The Key to Staying Positive


How do you deal with the negativity that can so easily capsize your dreams?  We are constantly being bombarded with all that is wrong with the world.  We see it on the news, social media, even the sports world has become overly salacious and off-putting.  But is what you see and hear via the media the reality you experience on an ongoing basis?  For most of us, our lives are fairly routine and normal.  Does listening to the noise of the outside world propel you to strive harder in your business?  I would venture to guess that it doesn’t.  I would estimate that it creates the opposite effect.

Instead, there are plenty of books and audiobooks that will inspire and elevate you.  You need to be growing personally as you move forward.  I like to read biographies about great men and women of the past.  Wherever your interest lies, start there.  It doesn’t necessarily need to be a book about personal development. Reading and thinking should be a daily routine.  Make sure you set aside some time everyday to get your mind and thinking going in the right direction.



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