Do you need to change some habits?

I’m in the midst of reading The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.  In the past, I probably would not have been inclined to pick it up, but it looked interesting, and I decided to begin reading it.

I just finished the 3rd chapter titled The Golden Rule of Habit Change. Its premise says that there are three aspects to habit formation: cue, routine, and reward. The idea is that new habits cannot be created. Only old habits can be changed. You can accomplish this by maintaining the same cue and reward. The routine is the only aspect that needs changing to amend the habit.

Now is it not true that when we think of habits what we’re really talking about are bad habits. And bad habits are typically thought of as behaviors such as drinking, eating, and smoking to excess. Now I thankfully don’t have to fight those bad habits. But we all have bad habits, or at least habits that need changing. We habitually do things that reduce our ability to live the life we really want.

What are some habits you need to change in order to achieve what you want in life? In particular, what routines can you amend in your daily schedule that will change your habits so that you can begin to achieve what you want in life?


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