Hello world!

EveElise here…

I am so excited to start blogging!

I am a former teacher…Elementary, Special Ed, Kindergarten, and Preschool. I love the little ones. All of them.

I am not so great at grammar and spelling so please excuse them if you see them. I will try to get my Honey to edit most of what I write. He majored in English.  Yes, we are opposite in many things.  He is an introvert, and I am an extrovert. He loves to read, and I would rather go out on the town.  We do have a ton in common though.  We both love a simple life full of meaningful experiences! We love the little things…the birds in our backyard and a full moon night. We appreciate being real and down to earth.

We also love to work together.  Here we are 13 years into our marriage, and we are finally LIVING OUR DREAM.

We have always wanted to be our own boss and work from anywhere we go.

Are you living YOUR dream?

family pic



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