After Nine Years …


My wife and I have finally made it.  For the past nine years we engaged in a seemingly never-ending conversation.  It was the source of great excitement and exasperation.  At times, we had begun to both doubt that it would ever happen.  Our planning alternated between passively waiting and actively trying to push the door inward.  Meanwhile, the years ticked away … until now.

Today, is our first full day working together in our own home-based business on our own terms.  We live and work together 100% of the time towards our dreams.  Although this may not be the ideal for every couple, it’s ours.

Allow me to give you some background on myself.  Over the past thirty years, I’ve had two overlapping careers.  I spent the first 17 years as a high school English teacher and the past 12 years as a CFP® professional.  I had left the teaching profession because I found it increasingly confrontational, and generally, an unhappy place for me.

Prior to leaving teaching, I had begun to work part-time in the financial services industry.  As a result, I was introduced to the CFP® certification and felt that that was what I was really meant to do. But after a few years, I realized that not much had changed in how I felt.  I had simply exchanged one job for another.  The hardest part was realizing that I wasn’t growing personally or professionally, and my motivation to do so was being sapped.  I found myself drawing-in instead of reaching out.  In short, I felt like I was losing my true self.  I had become someone I wasn’t.

Now, in everything we do, we believe in taking control of our lives — our finances, our health, our vacations, our education, etc. —  we now share with others how they can take control too.

What are the biggest desires in your life?


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